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Navan Carpets


Navan Carpets – Navan Carpets part of the Victoria PLC Group is today the leading carpet brand in Ireland and maintains its dominant market position through excellence in product and service. The residential consumer is serviced by a network of quality independent retailers promoting the Navan products using state of the art point of sale material backed up by a team of professional area managers. The contract sector is supported by Navan´s in house design team and design facilities together with very experienced contract agents who can guide the end user, interior designer or architect through the various stages of creating a suitable design / colour scheme.

Sitting Room

More than ever a home is required to be a sanctuary amidst the fast paced cosmopolitan society we live in today. Retreat to your home where you can relax and unwind; pamper yourself and your loved ones in the comfort of a Navan Carpet.

You can achieve this ambience through the design and feel in your carpet. The warmth of natures wool and the aesthetics of a natural product will insulate you from the stressful sounds of the world outside.

Dining Room

Navan’s range of dining room carpets caters for all tastes and budgets. Whilst remaining focused on the main objective, to provide our customers with an outstanding product combined with quality and creativity, we have also taken into account the lifestyles of our customers. For the busy young family we offer a wide selection of carpets including a stain resistant option; available in a variety of different colours with high quality textures and heavy residential carpets. Or if your daily life reflects an image attuned to a more demure lifestyle then the pure Wilton or Velvet ranges may capture the essence of your home.


Open your eyes and step onto the feel, of a luxurious, smooth and warm carpet. Extend that sun kissed sensation throughout your bedroom and sink into the softness embedded in the deep pile of a Navan Carpet. Our large range of bedroom products will cater for all your requirements from the low level natural loop pile carpet to the sumptuous shag pile; now in vogue.

Landing, Hall & Stairs

First impressions do last, so why not create the red carpet treatment for your guests upon entering your home. Through the clever use of texture and colour, a Navan Carpet will produce a generous embrace to all of your guests.

Eliminate the noise that can create stress in your home and reduce the risk of accidents by insulating your floor with a Navan Carpet.

Product Range:

  • Navan Diamond
  • Crown Twist
  • Countess Elite
  • Gaelic Heathers
  • Laragh
  • Natural Choice
  • Royal Elegance
  • Straffan Twist
  • Suede
  • Trinity Twist

Devotion – Camelia 304


Devotion – Camelia 304

A value, 2-ply Saxony across 14 colours. A selection of luxurious, warm beige tones plus purple, pink and blue options.

Backing: Felt/Action

Pile: 100% Carefree Polypropylene

Width: 4m/5m

Suitability: Heavy Domestic

Tog rating: 1.88 felt/1.61 Action


Suitable for:

dining-room bedroom living room hall stairs landing



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Flanagan Carpets


We stock in excess of 100 different ranges of carpets.

Combined with many leading brands we also market our “Heritage Collection” ranges of carpets which are hugely successful.

We hold wide ranges of carpet, suitable for domestic and contract use such as:

  • Axminsters
  • Wool Naturals
  • 80/20 Wool Twists
  • Tufted
  • Printed
  • Coir & Sisals

Phloor Carpets


Phloor is a distributor of flooring products to the retail trade in Ireland. In order to comprehensively cover all aspects and requirements of the flooring market they have three separate divisions.

Phloor, which distributes carpets and vinyl throughout the 32 counties.
Phloor Plus, whose product portfolio includes solid timber, semi-solid timber and laminates. They have recently added an exciting new range of doors.
Their netheyst division is Phloorstyle, through which they are targeting niche markets. It has a smaller more specialised range of products. Through this division they also sell rugs and accessories.


Phloor Carpet Range:

  • Cyprus Felt – 12 Colours – 4&5m Wide – Felt Back & Action
  • Gala Felt – 25 Colours – 4m Wide – Felt Back
  • Montana – 17 Colours – 4&5m Wide
  • Aran Isle – 3 Colours – 4&5m Wide
  • Highfield – 13 Colours – 4&5m Wide

Cormar Carpets


Cormar Carpets manufacture mainly plain and textured tufted carpets. Tufted carpet was pioneered in the second half of the 20th century and has become the most popular method of producing carpet in Europe.

A tufted carpet can be made in different styles and textures:- Here are descriptions of the standard types to help you find the style which best suits the rooms in your home:-

A twist pile carpet is made from yarn that has been tightly twisted and set to form a pile with a slightly textured surface. Twist piles are produced in both plain and heather colours (Heathers are created using a combination of complementary coloured fibres to obtain a tonal effect).

In a loop pile carpet the yarn forms loops on the surface of the carpet, either in uniform height, creating a level loop pile, or with differing heights creating a textured loop pile. Variations include a rustic tweed style loop known as a Berber which contains highlight flecks. Wool loops are a popular alternative to coir and sisal matting because they have the added comfort, warmth and durability of natural wool.

Saxony carpets are longer dense pile carpets made to create a luxurious deep pile effect. Available in both wool and man-made fibres.


Cormar Carpet Ranges:

Town & County – 20 Colours – 4 & 5m Wide – Extra Heavy Domestic-Heavy Contract Use

New Oaklands – 20 Colours – 4&5m Wide – 32oz Heavy Domestic/42oz Extra Heavy Domestic/50oz Extra                                                                                                                Heavy Domestic-Medium Contract Use

Living Naturals – 12 Colours – 4&5m Wide – Heavy Domestic Use

Boucle Neutrals – 18 Options – Texture & Level 4 & 5m Wide, Stripe 4m Wide – Extra Heavy                                                                                                                   Domestic/Medium Contract Use

Home Counties Heather – 14 Colours – 4&5m Wide – 40oz Extra Heavy Domestic Use/50oz Extra Heavy                                                                                                                            Domestic/Medium Contract Use

Home Counties Plains – 18 Colours – 4&5m Wide – 40oz Extra Heavy Domestic Use/50oz Extra Heavy                                                                                                                             Domestic/Medium Contract Use

Malabar Textures – 16 Colours – 4&5m Wide – Heavy Domestic/Medium Contract Use

Avebury – 17 Colours – Plain 4&5m Wide, Stripe 4m Wide – Extra Heavy Domestic/Medium Contract Use

Forest Hill – 15 Colours – 4&5m Wide – Super 32oz Heavy Domestic Use, Elite 42oz Extra Heavy Domestic Use

Natural Berber Twist – 12 Colours – 4&5m Wide – Elite: Extra Heavy Domestic Use, Deluxe: Extra Heavy                                                                                                                                  Domestic/medium Contract Use

Heather Classics – 12 Colours – 4&5m Wide – 40oz Extra Heavy Domestic Use, 50oz Extra Heavy                                                                                                                                       Domestic/Medium Contract Use

Primo Choice – 12 Colours – 4&5m Wide – Super: Heavy Domestic, Elite: Extra Heavy Domestic/Medium                                                                                                                                                                     Contract Use

Primo Ultra – 16 Colour – 4&5m Wide – Extra Heavy Domestic/Medium Contract Use

Primo Excellence – 15 Colour – 4&5m Wide – Super: Heavy Domestic Use, Elite: Extra Heavy                                                                                                                                                    Domestic/Medium Contract Use.

Primo Plus – 18 Colours – 4&5m Wide – Heavy Domestic/Medium Contract Use

Primo Delight – 12 Colour – 4&5m Wide – Extra Heavy Domestic Use.

Apollo – 15 Colour – 4&5m Wide

Apollo Plus – 15 Colours – 4&5m Wide – Heavy Domestic Use

Sensation – 14 Colours – 4&5m Wide – Original: Extra Heavy Domestic/Medium Contract Use, Feeling: Heavy                                                                                                        Domestic Use

Sensation Twist – 16 Colour – 4&5m Wide – Heavy Domestic Use


Cormar Carpet Types

  • Wool Texture
  • Wool Twist
  • Classic Value
  • Easy Clean
  • British Wool