Candy Dishwasher – CDPN 1L670SB – Black


Candy Dishwasher – CDPN 1L670SB – Black



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Candy Dishwasher – CDPN 1L670SB – Black

Candy CDPN 1L670SB 16 place setting dishwasher has been stylishly designed with technology and practicality in mind and will complement any kitchen setting. This dishwasher capacity is 33% larger than a standard machine and allows you to wash 176 items in one wash load, making this machine ideal for a growing family.

Choose the intensive 75C program to sterilize dishes, pans and baby bottles and guarantee protection for the whole family from germs, bacteria and other factors that can impact on your health. Thanks to its anti-bacterial and sanitising action, the washing cycle at 75C eliminates 99.9% of bacteria (tested by BioLab).

Enjoy added convenience by delaying the start of any cycle upto 9 hours. Set a program to start while you’re out and arrive home in time for the end of the cycle. Or take advantage of cheaper-rate electricity tariffs by setting the dishwasher earlier or later in the day.

A+ rated in energy efficiency, A wash performance and A drying performance rated, this dishwasher is incredibly efficient. This freestanding easy install dishwasher requires only an electrical and water connection.


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