Memory 200 Mattress – Single


Memory 200 Mattress – Single

Our Comfort Memory Foam is scientifically engineered to adapt to your body’s natural contours, relieving the pressure and stress of your natural body weight for a more comfortable night and a more relaxed you. The 200 is simplified memory foam comfort. We’ve taken a layer of our advanced Comfort Memory Foam that is soft and supple, and combined it with a supportive layer of our firm Flex Support Foam. Two layers, one result: a more comfortable night’s sleep. Memory 200 is made up of the following layers:

1. Comfort Memory Foam. Our Mlily Comfort Memory Foam provides a supportive, comfortable feel that adapts to your body’s natural pressure points. 2 cm

2. Flex Support Foam. A base layer of our Flex Support Foam provides corner to corner support for a better night’s sleep and a better you. 13 cm

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