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Russell Hobbs 3.5L stainless steel slow cooker


Russell Hobbs 3.5L stainless steel slow cooker

The Russell Hobbs 3.5L Slow Cooker is the answer to easy and convenient cooking, delivering ultimate tenderness and maximum taste. If you have a busy day ahead simply prep your ingredients and leave them in your slow cooker and a delicious meal will be ready later that day. You can make everything from succulent, juicy stews and hearty hotpots to cakes or even porridge with little to no effort!

Morphy Richards Soup Maker


Morphy Richards Soup Maker

The Morphy Richards Soup Maker is the quick and easy way to make homemade soup to your liking.

Make to your own personal taste and consistency. The Soup Maker from Morphy Richards is quick and easy to use. The Smooth programme blends and gently cooks soup in just 21 minutes, while the Chunky programme cooks wholesome soup with a thicker consistency in 28 minutes. If your soup is a little too chunky for your liking, just press the Blend button until the texture of the soup is to your taste.


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