Sherborne – Keswick Standard Recliner Chair


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Modern, stylish Small Recliner also available in Small and  Royale sizes.SHERBORNE KESWICK SIZES

The beautifully contoured shape is designed for exceptional comfort, with soft, stylish arms, welcoming fibre-filled back cushion and full-width ‘chaise’ seating.


  • Choice of Finger-release Catch or Handle Release or Manual Recliners
  • Choice of Leather or Soft Covers

Manual Recliner Chairs & Settees

All Manual Recliner Chairs & Settees use a superbly smooth Recliner action – we believe the easiest by far to operate – which can be positioned with the minimum of effort into any one of a near-infinite number of comfortable recline positions. It also includes the latest in ‘zero wall’ technology, which means that you can place the upright Recliner or Settee almost up against a walland still fully recline it without hitting the wall.

Another advantage is that all Manual Recliner Chairs & Settees are offered with a choice of finger-release catch or large handleto open up the mechanism. Either can be requested for left-handed use if you so wish.

Powered Recliner Chairs & Settees

For the ultimate in effortless reclining comfort all Manual Recliners and Reclining Settees are also offered in fully Powered versions.These are powered by a two-button switch (shown left) conveniently fitted to the outside arm. The switch can also be requested for left-handed use where required.

All Powered Reclining Chairs and Settees are also available asRechargeable versions, removing the need to leave a cable running to the wall socket. These also move through all positions from within 10cm (4″) from the wall.

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Traditional craftsmanship is combined with the latest in sophisticated manufacturing techniques to ensure that every piece is produced to a consistently high standard.

Only the finest materials are used to ensure that every Sherborne product is made to last.All frames are glued and screwed and every Fixed or Reclining Chair or Settee has fully sprung seating to ensure the proper degree of comfort and support.


Standard Keswick

Seat Width – 47.5 (18 1/2)

Height – 106 (41 1/2)

Overall Width – 82.5 (32 1/2)

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